I am an affiliate for just a few products and services, and they are only products and services that I use myself. I hope you will find the same level of satisfaction with them as I have. Thank you!

I use Zoom exclusively for online video calls, classes, conferences, and webinars. It's a stable and reliable platform that allows face to face communication, screen sharing, chat services, host controls, session recording, and more, all for an exceptionally low monthly fee. Check out Zoom here.

If you are selling any kind of product in person or online, Shopify is a service you need to take a look at. Shopify has every kind of resource for businesses to sell your products at live events, through websites, and on your social media pages. They make it easy to sell, track inventory, set up attractive shop pages, and so much more. Check out Shopify here.

Other services I use frequently, but I'm not yet an affiliate for are:

Storyblocks is a stock content company that I've been a member of for a couple of years. They have video, photo, illustration, After Effects, and audio stock in every area of interest. I use Storyblocks almost daily.

After being a tried and true Corel Draw user since 1996, I've recently found an amazing graphic design alternative that I'm using all the time. Canva is a tremendous resource that offers both free and paid access to thousands of images, fonts, templates, clipart, and that's just a start. They have design templates for every thinkable situation from social media to standard printing. Give it a try and see what you think! I will be an affiliate for Canva as soon as they make that a possibility. I love it!