This gallery features the work of some of the AUDIENCE! Workshop participants. Please enjoy their work, and check out their links if you'd like to see more.

Joanie Connell

Joanie Connell provides lessons from the workplace for the young and old alike. She works from her REAL Life model, where she shows how successful people are Resilient, Empowered, Authentic, and Limber. Find out more:

Peggy Houchin

I have a true love and appreciation for many jewelry mediums including clay, seed beads, PMC (precious metal clay) and all types of metal. I first started making jewelry when the seed bead earring craze began. I have evolved over time and am now primarily working with sterling silver and lapidary. Inlay jewelry is my passion and I look forward to every piece I make. Turquoise & Dinosaur Bone are my 2 favorite stones and you will see that mostly in my jewelry. I have taught jewelry classes for the past 10 years throughout the U.S.  Find out more:

Brenda Leedy

Brenda's work has been shown in many types of venues from learning centers, restaurants and hotels to museums and galleries. Her exhibits include the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, The Dairy Center for the Arts, Wildfire Community Art Center, Element, Independence Gallery, The Four Seasons Resorts and The Buell in Denver. She is currently represented by Independence Gallery, Wire Grass Gallery and The Art Source in Denver.

Caryn Sanchez

A whirlwind tour of the venues, places and faces that create Colorado's colorful and exciting contemporary music scene. Sounds Like Colorado is a feature length documentary by filmmaker Caryn Sanchez.

Sounds Like Colorado Preview from Sounds Like Colorado on Vimeo.

Laury Browning

I am not writing to purge, or even really to process. That train has left the station, and I have diaries that go back to the 70s to prove it. Mostly, I am an observer, interested in writing the journey. Writing helps keep me awake and present, and it offers a vehicle for meaningful inner dialogue although it often leads me more frequently to questions than answers.

Excerpt: Cherry-Like-The-Fruit

My oldest sister, Cherry, was more or less a mystery me to me as I grew up right across the hall from her, on the second floor of our family home. As I would always and forever be three, long years behind her in age, and because 10 years old feels light years away from 13, my view of Cherry was slightly hazy, and much of her daily routine remained cloaked behind her closed bedroom door. Even with her living space just a few feet away from mine, by the time I was conscious enough to notice, it seems she was a million miles away, and a bit of a recluse, with her nose in the books, I imagined.

I imagined it wrong. Admittedly, my sister was a raging perfectionist, and driven to succeed in her schoolwork, but by the time she was 12 or 13, she was also being seduced by a terrible disorder that would torment her for years into the future.

The earliest memories play like slow-motion music videos charged with late-60s imagery, of bell-bottom, stretch knit pants and legs that go on forever, moving in rhythm to the grooves of Marvyn Gaye, Stevie Wonder, and the Temptations. Cherry was a dancer. She was also drop dead gorgeous with long brown, Carol Ault hair, and make-up that boosted her capitol as a female, giving her the air of a professional model. The tomboy of the family, I was in awe of her style, grace, and maturity. Thinking back, however, I think these images that I have of my big sister, while mature and sensuous in nature, are images of a 13 or 14 year old girl moving at light speed through her adolescence.