About the Workshop

The Audience Workshop started in 2016 when I realized that all of the clients I was working with at the time in my coaching practice all had the same dilemma: They needed to get their work in front of more people, but they weren't sure how to do that.

The common challenges they face are things like:
  • Isolation - Creative paths by nature tend to be solitary. But for some of us, isolation is a constant challenge.
  • No Points of Contact - No places for people to find and experience their work.
  • Poor Presentation - Their work is not displayed in a context or setting that make it appealing.
  • Ineffective Communication - Their written and spoken communications about their work are not inspiring, and either include too much or too little information.
  • Lack of Planning - Their efforts to promote their events and their work are not strategically done, and people don't show up, or know about what they they're doing.
  • Failure to Invite - Even people that we know well don't find out about our events until after the fact.
  • Personality - Introversion, timidity, shyness, and passivity are common, as are the fear of rejection or criticism. Sometimes low self esteem, and self protective ego patterns are at play.
  • Uncertainty of the Value of Their Work - Lack of awareness of what makes a creative work valuable, and how to convey that value.
These are just a few of the challenges. The Audience Workshop is designed to give people tools, systems and strategies that overcome these challenges. In the workshop we learn a four part action framework that also provides a structure for our communication and presentation. The framework, called the Four Bridges are the following four actions:
  • Connect with the right people
  • Inspire them to imagine a desired possibility.
  • Invite them to a direct experience.
  • Deliver a positive impact on their quality of life.
These actions carried out over time, create a community of true fans - your audience. As you continue to incorporate these activities into your routine, your audience will naturally expand. People will show up for your events, they'll tell others about your work, and they'll support you financially. 

The Audience Workshop will be available in 2018 as an online based membership community. There will be a few different components of the program:
  • The core curriculum will be available as a self study online course.
  • Professional tracks will include artists, authors, musicians, and others as needed.
  • Weekly online strategy sessions will be accessible both live and via recording. Members will have access to the archive as it grows.
  • Members will also qualify for discounts on other programs, books, courses, and individual coaching sessions.
  • Members will also be included in a closed Facebook community for discussion and support.
The cost of membership will be $36 per month, or $360 for an annual membership.