My Most Frequent Mistake

Hi, I don't know your name yet, but would you drop everything and join me for a trip to Europe? Just the two of us?

I might get a taker, but most people would consider this a premature invitation.

We just met, but I'd like to go ahead and schedule our wedding.

Worked for Danny Bonaduce, once, but most of us would find that approach to be pretty fruitless.

So why do I rush to make a sale, when I still haven't established a good connection with a client or patron?

I think part of my struggle is that I want to make the most of the six seconds of your  attention that I have, and I'm afraid I won't get a second chance.

But rushing it almost insures that I won't get a second chance.

In social media the pace is ridiculous, but the initial promise of social media - that we'd be able to use it to make connections with each other - is still something that I think we need to remember.

I want to start conversations that will last longer than a credit card transaction.

I would like it if we could really get to know each other before any commitments are made.

Is the world going too fast for that?

Yes, at some point I'd like the products and services that I offer to be able to make a real difference for you, but the relationship is what will make that possible.

So I'm slowing myself down. And I'm listening.

Is there something I can do for you?