New course! Artists! 10 Ways to Increase Your Holiday Sales!

Earlier in October I offered a workshop on holiday sales at Lola's Fresh Patina in Loveland, Colorado. Though the workshop was cancelled, several people asked if I would be willing to share the information online. I went ahead and created this course from the workshop material.

First of all I want to draw your attention to the free Holiday Season Master Calendar that  is available to you whether you enroll in the course or not. It's an easy way to keep all of the different holiday selling events together on one page. You may download it from the course landing page. The course material includes sections:

  • Creating a photo or video holiday gift guide for social media, email, or website.
  • Offering special gift packages.
  • Early holiday shopping events.
  • Last minute holiday shopping events.
  • Art Secret Santa gift exchanges.
  • and more...
Click on the button below to learn more, and thanks for enrolling!