The Honor of Your Attention is Requested

Instead of worrying about wasting your time, be concerned with wasting your attention.  There are so many shiny things and competing events attempting to catch your eye, and staying focused on your creative path can be tricky unless you can learn to either ignore all the bait, or turn it off altogether.

Your attention is the most valuable asset that you have. If you don't think so, consider the amount of money that is spent by advertisers who are trying to get it. They've invested years of research into persuasion, suggestion, influence, and appeal to understand how to get you to turn your head toward their product long enough to make an impression that will ultimately become your purchase.

You may have heard the saying "where your attention goes, your energy flows." I think that's a statement about the central importance of your attention. Attention is the point where your inner world of ideas meets the outer world where your ideas become manifested realities. So if someone asks you to pay attention, you better believe that it's a valuable thing to spend.

The same thing goes for your audience. Their attention is the most valuable thing that you are asking for. Don't waste it. If they are looking your way, give them something that matters for it. Creative work has the power to change lives. So offer them something you've created that will change theirs. And make sure they know that their attention is appreciated. 

At some point I wonder if attention will be the basis for our economy. Instead of paying advertising agencies to get our attention, maybe companies will just pay us directly for looking at what they have to sell. We need to recognize just how valuable our attention is. It's not really time that we waste, it's attention. I think it's most important that in our outreach we honor the value of the attention that people give to us.