One Hour A Week

How much time do you spend online? If you're like me, it can be several hours each week. I know some people who still manage to not engage with the internet world, but many of us give the screens in our lives a good bit of time.

If you will spend one hour a week showing and/or telling people what you've been creating, your audience will grow steadily, and they will stay interested in what you share. It doesn't have to be "sell, sell, sell" all the time. Most of the people in your social circles ARE interested in what you make, or classes that you're going to teach, or shows you're about to appear in.

If you're not already spending an hour a week to let people know what you're up to, go ahead and start just to see what happens. If you're spending an hour or more each week, but not seeing much reaction or growth in your audience, maybe a new strategy is in order.

In the Audience Workshop we use a planning tool to make sure that all the components of an effective audience outreach are in place. If any one of them is missing, you're going to see a less desirable impact on your responses. The four components are:

  • a personal connection
  • a message that speaks to people's desires and possibilities
  • a clear invitation that is easy to say yes to
  • a glimpse of the difference that your work will make for them

That's all you need to include. If you can get into the habit of reaching out to people once a week with this four part structure, you will see a difference in the growth and participation of your audience. It doesn't have to take all of your time. One hour a week is enough. if you use the complete framework.

To learn more, take the full workshop. It's easy, and you already have the skills and tools that you need. Click on the Workshops tab above to find out when the next session will begin, and register early. The classes are small by design, and they fill up quickly.